Dental Whale Savings Network 

A nationwide organization that provides dentists with inventory cost controls by leveraging the buying  power of hundreds of dental practices.

Conversions Whale 

The nations leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices that creates simple yet profitable lead generation strategies, including direct mail services.

Breakaway Seminars

Informational seminars to ensure your practice will be one of the most successful, lucrative practices in your area.

Dental Fix Rx

Nationwide equipment sales and onsite service for your practice. Easy. Simple. Fast.

Unlimitech Dental IT

A comprehensive IT management services firm that keeps your dental practices systems healthy with unlimited support at an affordable price.

Front Desk DDS

A dental-specific scheduling service used  by dentist offices nationwide to book appointments, verify insurance benefits, process payments, manage unpaid claims and provide billing and collection services.

Lean Dental Design

Provides dentists with the design, construction, renovation and remodeling services they need to launch state-of-the-art startup practices while achieving cost efficiencies across the board.

Transition Whale

Assist with the selling or buying of a dental practice, or merging with another professional.

Front Office Rocks

A dental-specific scheduling service used  by dentist offices nationwide to book appointments, verify insurance ––benefits, process payments, manage unpaid claims and provide billing and collection services

Low Cost Supplies & Equipment

Dental Marketing

Onsite Equipment Repair

Dental IT Systems

Virtual Call Center, Insurance & Billing

Comprehensive Practice Management Consulting

Practice Acquisition Specialist

Dental Practice Design Services

Dental Front Desk Training

Practice Ownership & Consulting

Dental Whale, the  leader in dental industry services and education.

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Education Seminars

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Innovative Solutions for Dentists

Transform and transcend with services and solutions designed to help you grow your dental practice.

Dental Whale® Supports Over 18,000 Dental Practices Across the U.S.

We make industry leading solutions accessible to all dental professionals. Whether new or established, dentists can now focus on their practice and rely on us to support their business. No more friction. No more minimums. With a single click, any service can be activated. This is Dental Whale®.

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Manage all of your business services, purchasing, and educational requirements with a click.

Dental Whale® is very pleased to announce our partnership with Black Ops Management Solutions. Our two companies share a passion for providing the dental community with solid, innovative solutions for managing their dental office. Dental Whale® is a Florida and Texas based dental company supporting thousands of offices around the United States. Innovating Everything Dental is Dental Whale®’s vision and driving force for its clients. We have many synergies between our two companies and this partnership will be a great opportunity for us to service clients in a variety of industries with high-quality services. Our reputation for quality, integrity, reliability and most of all expertise mirrors Black Ops Management Solution’s commitment to these business values. We’re looking forward to working with their team and would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the Dental Whale® family.

We provide the solutions dentists need to start, grow, and manage their dental practice.

At Dental Whale®, we believe in empowering dentists with the tools they need to maximize their success. From appointment scheduling to on-site equipment repair, our innovative services and knowledgeable industry experts help practitioners save time and costs.

Dental Whale®, the leader in dental industry services and education.

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Welcome Black Ops Management Solutions members! Dental Whale® is excited to offer you EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS to our suite of services.

Learn more about each service and submit your information to receive details on your discounts.



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